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Jiangsu Museum Building Design Co. Ltd. was founded in 1979, is a grade a engineering design, engineering survey (Yan Tu) -, municipal design and engineering supervision qualification B, is a set of architectural engineering design, survey, municipal, supervision, engineering consulting in integrated scientific research units. The company was founded 30 years since the last century, after years of hard work, diligence, have considerable technical strength and talent advantage, more than 160 employees, including 65 senior technical staff, national registered architects, structural engineers, engineers, geotechnical engineers, cost engineers, supervision engineers, 35 people.
The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system demonstration, and the full implementation of design quality insurance. The design results obtained the widespread social recognition and praise, a number of works by provincial and municipal management units rated as outstanding works, for the excellent survey and design units in Jiangsu Province, the provincial survey and Design Association member units and advanced scientific research advanced unit.
Companies adhere to the "integrity-based, customer first, quality first, service" business purposes, relying on scientific and technological innovation, and strive to create a good corporate image, to make its due contribution to the local economy and urban construction. For the community to provide more, better quality design and service.
The company with new ideas and operating methods combined with the advanced concepts of architectural design, the use of enterprise resources, give full play to the advantages of designers and design level at the same time, the detailed research on the project market, for the owners in the analysis of product positioning, target customer groups have made outstanding contributions as positioning; design company has an important influence on the architectural design industry, our company for many years has accumulated rich experience in the design and specification of local policies and regulations, regulations, engineering geology, construction materials, construction technology and other comprehensive understanding. From the project development concept, format, organization, spatial layout and other aspects of the unique concepts and insights, and from the cost control of many of the proposed point of view, and has done a lot of success stories. Adhering to the idea of "perfect combination of architecture and art", we are committed to creating quality, space and taste of life, so as to achieve the original appeal of architecture as art.