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  Dispatch of sina science and technology on May 18th news, informed sources, China Telecom ( micro-blog ) in June will lead this year, one of the largest CDMA mobiles phones purchase, is expected to buy mobiles phones tens of millions, and intelligent mobiles phones, this will be the second half of the China Telecom 3G mobiles phones supply will produce main effect.

  Held in June this year the largest CDMA terminal purchase

  The major mobiles phones manufacturers and mobiles phones manufacturers were confirmed in generation, has been notified, China Telecom for the manufacturers and distributors in next month's Guangzhou fair unified procurement of mobiles phones, and some in the local strength of the province the subcontractor, mobiles phones chain enterprises are also on the guest list.

  Since 2009, China Telecom 's mobiles phones trade fair has been held three, sina science and technology seen in front of several session of the all process. In 2009, China Telecom in Nanjing to hold the first fair, CDMA manufacturer is only dozens, but thereafter only in 2009 increased hundreds of mobiles phones industry, 2010, CDMA terminal industry manufacturers and reached more than 200, in mobiles phones trading day wing will have 7000 people, and in 2011 increased to tens of thousands of people.

  According to the registration situation, CDMA terminal manufacturers, design, application developers, manufacturers, distributors and other chip terminal adds up to more than 5000. China Telecom is expected to have tens of thousands of people to attend the fair.

  It is reported, this meeting will determine the second half of China Telecom Terminal policy direction, will also be on the CDMA mobiles phones vendor performance with considerable influence.

  Is expected to buy smart mobiles phones about 10000000

  Each of the day wing mobiles phones trading would buy 3G mobiles phones, previously millions, but this situation is completely different, this is mainly because the market scale expansion.

  On 2011, the day wing terminal market scale reached a record 60000000, a growth rate of over 40%, the day wing 3G mobiles phones annual sales amounted to 34000000, grow 3 than 2010 times, Tianyi intelligent mobiles phones is more than 16600000, grow 10 than 2010 times above. In March this year, China Telecom CDMA user growth 3500000, where 3G users increase of 2400000, a total of 43550000 users, 3G users for nine consecutive months in a single month net increase of more than 2000000 users.

  As of 2012 3 at the end of the month, China Telecom CDMA user number close to 136000000, where 3G users to 43550000 households. The China Telecom will UN generation business to purchase large quantities of the day wing 3G mobiles phones, is expected to reach about 10000000 in 2009, is several times, the procurement of the day wing 3G mobiles phones is the second half of the main model for China telecom.

  The latest news is, present day wing 3G mobiles phones mobiles phones sales ratio has exceeded 70%, accounted for more than 47% of intelligent mobiles phones..